The Equine-Librium Lameness Clinic (in Plettenberg Bay) is run by Dr Tom Ovendale. The purpose behind the lameness clinic is to combine veterinary physiotherapy and veterinary expertise to manage performance horses and treat lameness conditions. Every patient is thoroughly assessed by a veterinarian-physiotherapist team, using the latest digital radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound equipment. We place a strong emphasis on accurate diagnosis as the cornerstone of effective treatment.

The on-site laboratory can process the latest autologous regenerative products such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) and IRAP II. PRP is a potent cocktail of the body’s own growth factors that can be used to aid the recovery of strained tendons and other soft tissues. IRAP II is a solution of the body’s own anti-inflammatory mediators that are cultured from a blood sample; this can then be injected back into painful joints to provide relief without the negative side-effects normally associated with cortisone injections.

A work program, specific to each patient’s needs, is implemented to build the muscle mass required to stabilize and support weak areas. In this way the therapy provided extends beyond the examination into the horse’s future, providing not just immediate relief from pain but extending their performance career and improving quality of life.

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