Veterinary Physiotherapists are an essential member of the Veterinary Health Team and therapy intervention is a fundamental part of the normal veterinary care of an animal. Our clinic therapists are trained to evaluate a wide variety of neuromusculoskeletal problems. Our main focus for evaluation and treatment are the equine, canine and feline species, but we have also successfully helped other companion animals and wildlife.

Veterinary Physiotherapy can assist in prevention, recovery and maintenance of injuries, trauma and pathology. The aim is to improve and promote quality of life, performance and physical potential.

Our competition and working animals greatly benefit from prevention of injury, recognition of early injury and maintenance throughout a season.
Therapy is also crucial for our canines and felines struggling with orthopaedic pathologies (e.g. hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cruciate disease etc) and those recovering from surgical interventions.

We use a variety of modalities including manual therapies, massage, myofascial release, Laser, Equissage, Bemer (Pulsed Magnetic Therapy), TENS, EMS, Faradic, Taping, Rehabilitation Exercises, Hydrotherapy and more.

Our goals of treatment include reducing pain, swelling, addressing muscle spasm, encouraging healing, improving range of movement, preventing secondary complications, enhancing/maintaining function and performance. We also help with owner education to assist with the home environment and exercise routines to further assist with recovery.
Please contact one of our therapists in your area for any further information or to arrange for a consultation.


Tasmyn Gouws

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Tasmyn was born and raised in Bloemfontein and matriculated from Eunice in 2013. She had a vested love for animals from a young age and a special love for horses and dogs. Her passion for horses grew as she started competing in Show Jumping, Equitation and Showing Ring. She was fortunate in being able to train on many different horses, enabling her to develop a deeper understanding of their behaviour. A career in animals was given and Equine-Librium College was a perfect fit!

During her studies, her passion for the equine and canine sport grew in seeing how fitness and function allows for optimal performance. Tasmyn is an asset to the Equine-Librium Therapy Clinics team.

“Some people talk to animals, not many listen though.” – A.A. Milne

Carléa Meyer

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Carléa Meyer completed her 4-year Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Equine-Librium in 2019. After successfully running and building her own business for 2 years she joined the Plett Equine-Librium team.

Carléa has had a love for animals all her life and there was no other career path for her, but one that was all about animals.

Being a passionate and competitive show jumper herself, she enjoys working with equine high performance athletes.

She also has a major interest in post operative and neuromuscular rehabilitation of dogs and helping geriatric animals stay comfortable.

In her free time she will either be busy riding and competing her horses, playing with her two dogs or enjoying the outdoors with her friends.

Erané Jordaan

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Erane Jordaan has been with Equine-Librium for the past 7 years working as an assistant lecturer at the College and part-time Veterinary Physiotherapist in the Clinic. As a Veterinary Physiotherapist, my goals are to maintain, restore, and promote optimal function for the patient. Erane has a high regard for the well-being of her patients and takes a lot of care and focus on the maintenance of the animal’s physical well-being as well as the rehabilitation of injuries.




Olivia Prinsloo

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Quote: ‘Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”

Olivia has been around animals her whole life. She studied a 4-year full time course at Equinelibrium College in Veterinary, where she received many accolades. She completed her studies in 2017. She then moved to Scotland and worked in a very busy Canine and Equine practice before moving to Lancashire to join the largest canine rehabilitation centre in the North West of England. She has worked many interesting canine cases and even ones referred from the famous Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick.

After enduring the cold of the UK, she has decided to move back home to Cape Town and join our fabulous team.

Olivia loves her dog, Zana and her horse, Nazeela. You can often find competing her horse or going for beach walks with Zana.

She feels very fortunate to work with these amazing animals and strives to give them the highest quality of treatment. Olivia has worked with top competitive animals and has rehabilitated many complicated surgical procedures. Your pet is in the best of care in Olivia’s caring hands.

Mia Steyn​

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Mia graduated with distinction in 2019 from Equine-Librium college. As a young Veterinary Physiotherapist she is very passionate about what she does and ready to learn and grow! She strives to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals around her.

She has a special interest in post operative and sport injury rehabilitation!

In her free time she compete her horse Fame on lower level showjumping! Brooke her Jack Russell is her little shadow!

Monica Estherhuizen

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Monica completed a 4 year Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Equine-librium College in 2020.

She started her own practice that ran successfully for 6months and worked at Animal Health and Hydro with the world renowned Dr Tanya Grantham and obtained experience in hospital with patient, orthopeadic and neurological cases.

You can always find Monica with her two little Jack Russels, Buksie and Lucy. They love exploring new places and going on hikes. Monica also loves to mountain bike in her free time!

She is very excited to move to Cape Town and experience all it has to offer! Monica loves the hydrotherapy pool and we are excited for her to take that on!

We are sure all the doggo’s and clients are going to love her as much as we do!

Kimberley-Anne Orrey

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Kimberley completed her 4-year Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Equine-Librium in 2021. Originally from Cape Town, she is extremely excited to return to the mother city and begin to change the lives of all her future patients. 

Kimberley has been an equestrian her entire life and has a special interest in competitive dressage horses. Over the past four years of studying, she has also developed a deep love for canine patients; especially the geriatrics! If you were to ask her whether she prefers treating horses or dogs, she wouldn’t be able to tell you! Having a huge passion for animals and people alike, she looks forward to every consultation and treatment. 

Kimberley loves to play as hard as she works, so in her free time you may well find her surfing, riding, running, gym-ing or doing any activity that involves her horse, dog or closest friends. 


Jade Pereira

Veterinary Physiotherapist

I am Jade Pereira and have always had a huge passion and love for all animals.

I began riding from a young age and always dreamed of working with horses in my future career. I competed in endurance, dressage and show jumping which has given me great experience regarding         multiple disciplines. I always referred to myself as more of a “horsie“ person but since getting my dog I have had an ever growing passion for dogs, canine sport and canine care.

After my time studying at Equine Librium my passion and knowledge for animals only grew. I have a lot of interest in post-operative patient rehabilitation and performance maintenance of both canine and equine    athletes. However I do always have a special love towards the health and comfort levels of geriatric patients.


Jessica Mousley

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Jessica was born in Johannesburg, completed her Primary schooling in Plettenberg Bay and matriculated at St Dominic’s Priory, Port Elizabeth. Having been an animal lover from the get-go, finding a career that allowed her to work with animals on a daily basis was a no-brainer. Jess has managed to marry her interest in the medical world and her love for animals by completing the 4-year Veterinary Physiotherapy course offered at Equine-Librium College.

Having completed her studies in 2018, Jess is excited to start off her career in her home town of Port Elizabeth where she is running one of our Equine-Librium Therapy Clinics branches.

Alicia Ceronio

Veterinary Physiotherapist

I’m Alicia Ceronio and have always been passionate about horses, I started riding farm ponies before I could walk. I progressed to competing in eventing and showing at a young age and my love for horses just grew over the years.  As much as I love animals, I’m also an extrovert that enjoy my clients as much as my patients. 

After Graduating in 2022 my passion for equine athlete’s and post injury /post surgical rehabilitation patient’s only grew.



Jana Hager

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Jana was born and raised in Pretoria, Centurion. Her passion for horses started at a young age when she started riding competitively. She decided to pursue a career in animal physiotherapy and studied at Equine-Librium College. She made her mark at the college by graduating with a distinction, earning her a spot as one of the top students in her year of study. Jana enjoys working with both canine and equine patients and holds particular interest in canine surgical and equine sports related cases. She prides herself in her ability to work with owners and patients to achieve their particular athletic, professional or post-surgical goals. With her dedication, knowledge and hard-working personality, Jana is an asset to our clinic in Kyalami.

I have known Jana for some 10 years now. Jana has natural leadership skills, coupled with a logic and a sharp mind. She is totally dependable and trustworthy. Jana is friendly and confident as well as gentle and loving and endeavours herself to all without discrimination, be it human or animal.” – Sigrid Sauter (Skara Brae Equestrian)

Chanél Jacobs

Veterinary Physiotherapist

I am Chanel recently graduated as one of the first Veterinary Physiotherapists with a BSc VeterinaryPhysiotherapy degrees. She graduated with distinction and as top student of her class. She grew up incentral South Africa, Bloemfontein and has had a passion for working with animals from a young age. 

I developed my love for Equine sport rehabilitation through her many years of competitive dressage       experiences both nationally and internationally. She loves working with show jumping and dressage           athletes and can relate to owners and have had plenty of personal experience regarding competition. Through my 4 years of study I developed a passion for Canine post operative and geriatric rehabilitation. 

When I’m not in my scrubs you will find me riding my horse, training young horses or coaching dressage. I’m also crazy about chickens and would cuddle anything within the nearest radius. 

I’m looking forward to work with the team and enhancing performance and function in your loved ones.



Alma du Preez

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Alma grew up in Polokwane where she discovered her passion for horses and riding, which added to her love of and desire to care for all animals. After matriculating in 2009, Alma went to study BSc(Agric) Animal Science at the University of Pretoria, with an end goal of pursuing a career in the field of animal physiotherapy in mind. On completion of her degree at Tuks in 2013, she went on to study at Equine-Librium College where she completed the course with distinction in 2017.

She truly has a passion for aiding in the well being of animals and to help them live healthy, happy and abundant lives, be it with rehabilitation after injury or surgery, maintaining an athlete in top performance or keeping your old friend comfortable and pain free. Alma Strives to put her heart into everything she does and to always keep on learning and expanding her knowledge and skills, so she can provide the best service and care to help her clients and their loved ones.

“It’s the job as never started that takes the longest to finish” – J.R.R. Tolkien




Paige Jv Rensburg

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Paige joined the Equine-Librium team in 2019 after completing her studies at the college in 2018. In 2014 she took a gap year to work and ride at a stud farm in Germany, gaining valuable experience and insight into the European equine industry.

She has ridden and owned horses, dogs and cats all her life, leading her to pursue an animal-related career. After considering various options, she decided on veterinary therapy, and began her studies at Equine-Librium College. During this time, she completed a saddle-fitting qualification in France, as well as the two day and five-day Masterson method courses.

She has a passion for working with animals and loves the fulfilment that comes with this exciting new profession.

Her main interests lie in high performance horses – being a competitive rider herself – as well as post-operative rehabilitation for both small animals and horses.


Leigh Higgs

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Leigh completed her 4-year Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Equine-Librium in 2017. She then moved to England in 2018 to work on Christopher Mackenzie’s High Goal polo ponies. After a successful 8 months in the U.K she returned home to train for the 2019 Polocrosse World Cup that took take place in April 2019 in Australia. After bringing home silver Leigh focused on building her own business, which ran successfully for just over 1 ½ years before she was asked to join the KZN Equine-Librium team at the end of 2021.

Leigh has had a passion for animals her entire life, which came from growing up on a farm with a family who share the love for animals, especially horses, both on and off the Polocrosse field. Leigh wears her heart on her sleeve and treats the animal she is working on as her own, always doing the best she can to help regardless of the circumstances.


Ceileigh Niedermyr

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Ceileigh grew up in Durban and matriculated from Crawford North Coast in 2011. Having always been a sports enthusiast and animal lover, it seemed an obvious choice for Ceileigh to pursue a career that embodied both passions.

After matriculating, Ceileigh spent some time on a stud farm to study equine behaviour and natural horsemanship. Being passionate about sport (and having trained and competed at high levels of competition martial arts) and through her studies at Equine-Librium College, Ceileigh feels that she truly understands the need of an athlete and is able to assist animal athletes to achieve an optimum level of performance. She is a passionate driven and hardworking person and always gives 110% of herself in everything that she does.


Ronel Van Der Sijde


Sport Scientist & Animal Physical Rehab Therapist, Equine Craniosacral Therapist

Ronel van der Sijde worked as an equine physical and rehabilitation therapist since 1990.
She studied Sport Science at the University of Pretoria and after that worked on rehabilitation of human sports injuries. She did a variety of post graduate training in animal physiotherapy but very soon focused on equines as her greatest interest. Especially therapy, conditioning and maintenance of sport horses.

Ronel founded Equine-Librium in 2007 and was instrumental in building it up to what it is today. Currently Ronel is the CEO of Equine-Librium and spends her time taking part in all the different facets of Equine-Librium, helping to develop and grow the industry.

Ronel: “It is an honor to be part of a team who not only have phenomenal qualifications and experience, but shares a passion for animals and students!

A team with an insatiable hunger to keep learning as much as possible.

A team fascinated with young minds and committed to teach and shape these minds.

A team committed to make a positive difference by training professionals for the future.”

Ronel lives in Plettenberg Bay with her husband, three rescue dogs and a Border collie, seven rescue cats and four of her own horses plus more or less fifty other horses. All loved and adored to bits!

BSc Veterinary Physiotherapy

BSc Veterinary Physiotherapy