Canine weekend!

Lecturer is Marinette Teeling (Bsc Physiotherapy, Msc Animal Physiotherapy)

Venue is Equine-Librium Plettenberg Bay

The ins and outs of Hydrotherapy

  • The physical properties of water
  • Bodies response to exercise in water
  • The benefits of hydrotherapy
  • Precautions
  • Choosing the correct candidates
  • Different programs and types of hydro

How to activate your dogs core

  • Muscle Function –Stabilisers vs movers, Core muscles
  • Fundamentals of how to activate correct muscle groups
  • How to progress and build endurance of core muscles
  • Land based exercises
  • Water exercises
  • Obstacle exercises
  • Ball exercises

Practical early post surgery protocols for veterinary practices

  • Why the need for early post surgical rehabilitation
  • The role of  RICE regime
  • The role of passive mobilisation
  • Positioning post surgery
  • The importance of information given to owners on discharge
  • Specific protocols to implement for patients in hospital after specific surgical cases.
  • Protocols to be given and taught to clients on discharge

–      Cruciate surgery
–      Femoral Neck  Excision
–      Ulna Osteotomy
–      Fracture in hind & front limb

A full set of surgical protocols and patient handouts will also be available to purchase for Veterinary practices.

Please contact us for course fees